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The game is available now on Xbox one and  will be available on November 2019 on PC


gaijin charenji : Kiss Or Kill is a new shooter with retro graphics and Full Motion Video. 

Only true hardcore Gamer can take the challenge,  only true lover can win the game.

Discover various world


avoid traps and kill (or kiss) enemies


  a surprising "Punk Narative Shoot-them-up" with Full Motion Video story telling


Please, enjoy the trailer :




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GAIJIN CHARENGI 1 : Kiss Or Kill is a Punk Narrative Shoot-Them-Up. You can kill, exterminate, destroy your enemies ...  Or just kiss them to make a loving world. It’s a solo game because the game depends on your karma.


This game was started in 1998 by Yoshiro Takahashi and his team for the SEGA dreamcast.  When Sega decided to stop the dreamcast, the game was aborted.

In 2017, Yosuke Takashi (Yoshiro’s son) decided to finish his father’s game. With ‘overgame studio’  support the game is now finished.

Please enjoy ‘Gaijin Charenji : kiss or kill’


FAST, QUICK, INTENSE, STRANGE SESSIONS: with short level, various design and lot of surpirse.

KISS / KILL CHOICE: you have the choice, you choose your way, ‘love’ or ‘war’.

FULL MOTION VIDEO : to improve an inovative game experience !

SCORING: beat your friends and be the best!

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overGame Studio

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GAIJIN CHARENGI 1 : Kiss Or Kill Credits

Yosuke Takahashi

game designer, overGame  Studio

Youenn Thirion

game developper, overGame Studio









Buy Now9.90€ EUR or more

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